Real Stories of Life with God

Ep 46 | A World Traveler Learns to Embrace Uncertainty and a God We Can't Control

April 26, 2023 Episode 46
Ep 46 | A World Traveler Learns to Embrace Uncertainty and a God We Can't Control
Real Stories of Life with God
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Real Stories of Life with God
Ep 46 | A World Traveler Learns to Embrace Uncertainty and a God We Can't Control
Apr 26, 2023 Episode 46

Chris Odom has lived in many places, worked a variety of jobs, is one of the most passionate people you'll ever meet, and a longtime friend of ours. I am honored and happy to know him. In our conversation he shares openly and honestly about discouragement and spiritually dry seasons, the wonder of generosity, trusting a God he can't control, and so. much. more. If you have ever wrestled with feelings of frustration or disappointment in your connection to God, I think this episode is going to encourage you greatly. 

Phillip Yancey, Disappointment with God
John Mark Comer on dark night of the soul
1 Thessalonians 5:23
2 Corinthians 9:7-8


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Chris Odom has lived in many places, worked a variety of jobs, is one of the most passionate people you'll ever meet, and a longtime friend of ours. I am honored and happy to know him. In our conversation he shares openly and honestly about discouragement and spiritually dry seasons, the wonder of generosity, trusting a God he can't control, and so. much. more. If you have ever wrestled with feelings of frustration or disappointment in your connection to God, I think this episode is going to encourage you greatly. 

Phillip Yancey, Disappointment with God
John Mark Comer on dark night of the soul
1 Thessalonians 5:23
2 Corinthians 9:7-8


[00:00] Chelsea: You. Our faith journey is a story unique to each individual and is constantly being written. No two people are identical. No two days are alike, but God is the same. This is the real stories of life with God podcast. A place for honest conversations about life and faith. I'm your host, Chelsea Eubank, and I'm really glad you're here. Let's jump into today's episode. Well, I am very pumped about this. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:32] Chris: Yeah, I'm Chris Odom. I grew up in Augusta, Georgia, which is how I know your husband. Yeah, we played on the same soccer team together. So yeah, I grew up there. My freshman year of high school, moved to Illinois outside of St. Louis. That was a huge transition. Went to high school there and then came back down to the south, went to University of Georgia Go Dogs. Was there for five years and ended up starting a little ministry thing. I don't know how many details you want on that, but I ran that for nine years.

[01:06] Chelsea: Let's just go ahead and say it. I mean, you got to give because.

[01:10] Chris: It is such a give the people what they want.

[01:12] Chelsea: You got to tell it. You got to tell it.

[01:19] Chris: So the short version of that is we threw, like, these giant rave dance parties to offer an alternative to the binge drinking downtown culture scene at the University of Georgia where students just kind of get sucked in to that whole scene as a freshman and may have faith and just kind of wander from it because the temptation is so strong to go down there and essentially you just go down there like, oh, whatever, and then you end up compromising standards. And long story short, I just had a heart to do something, had no clue what in the world I'm going to do, what am I going to do? We threw a party at our house. Your husband was a huge help, as always. He did all the important building things.

[02:05] Chelsea: Extremely helpful, pretty elaborately themed.

[02:08] Chris: Yes.

[02:09] Chelsea: Part of the fun of these stories is just the depth of planning.

[02:18] Chris: It was crazy. So that first party we threw, 250 people showed up and we were like, what the heck happened? This is amazing. Little did we know that, fast forward nine years later, there were going to be like 3000 people showing up to these things.

[02:31] Chelsea: Crazy.

[02:32] Chris: My favorite one was probably up in the air, which was we suspended the DJ booth 15ft in the air above the dance floor with 1000 balloons above the DJ booth. And they were kind of like in a little basket so it looked like they were in a hot air balloon. Yeah, and then they're all just elaborate, crazy parties. Anyways, the whole goal was let's have something that's appealing and fun and a place where you can meet friends and find community. And I like to say, once you get around the right people, you start asking the right questions. So I didn't consider it anyways. It was an important part of my life. Did that for nine years.

[03:15] Chelsea: Yeah.

[03:19] Chris: Wild. I burned out like crazy. Like kind of everyone's story that's in the nonprofit world, christian or not a Christian ministry, it's just NGO, whatever. It's like everyone's story. And so I moved to New Zealand.

[03:32] Chelsea: Here we go.

[03:35] Chris: Which was amazing.

[03:36] Chelsea: We've married almost nine years, and I'm trying to think of what you were doing when we got married. You might have still been with Fislam.

[03:44] Chris: My favorite part is that people just ask me, How's Colorado? And I just say good. And the reason for people in the podcast who have no idea, I don't live in Colorado. I live in Jackson, Wyoming. But people are just like, hey, how's Colorado? It's happened multiple times. And I'm just like it's. Good. It's not even worth explaining because I've been so many different places over the last yeah, from New Zealand, I ended up trying to move to Norway, unsuccessfully, and then went to Costa Rica with a travel company. I did that for a month, and then I said, all right, I'm going to move to Denver, Colorado. I wanted to live in the west. I went to Denver, Colorado. I was there five months, couldn't get a job. Came back to the States, did three years in real estate. Hated it. I asked myself the question, if I couldn't fail, what would I do? Well, considering that failure of trying Denver and being there for five months and what an interesting time, I said, I'm going back out west. So I went to Colorado Springs, tried there, was there three months, didn't work. Said, I'm going to go to Salt Lake City. Maybe there's more opportunity. So on my way to Salt Lake City, I called a friend who lived north of Salt Lake in Jackson. Basically, he lived on the other side in Driggs, Idaho. I said, what's going on, dude? He's like, I'm actually moving this weekend. Why don't you come up and see me? So I came up to see him, and I hadn't left. And four years will be June 1 will be four years. I don't know if you wanted that long of a story, but you got the six minute version of my life.

[05:24] Chelsea: You are one of my favorite people for your just innate sense of exploring and adventuring. I'm just living my life vicariously through Chris. Okay, so my first question for you is what currently stirs your love for God?

[05:45] Chris: Yeah. Unexpected answers. This is going to be I'm going to give a little explanation into it, which is, the other day I was talking with a girl. I was at dinner with friends, and I asked her the question. We just started talking about the Lord, and she said something. I can't remember exactly what it was, but basically I said, oh, interesting. Is that usually how you connect with the Lord. And so she went on to explain and talk about how she connects with the Lord and how he kind of works in a specific way to connect with her. And then I thought about it. I don't know what happened. I was like, you know what happens in my life, dry seasons. I know, and I didn't like it at all. And I'm like, wow, that's genuinely a part of my story is in fislam that dry season, which I think had to do with burnout, which I think we'll talk about a little bit later, but like seven years and what is a dry season? What does that mean? What I mean by that is like a lack of connection and desire where you're just like, lord, it's not that I don't care, but it's hard for me to care because I don't feel any connection, right. I don't really care about what I'm reading. There's nothing stirring in my heart. Yeah, and so that was like seven years long. Now that's not to say that I never had any connection over that seven years. I just think it was so few and far between that it was still a part of the dry season. So you would have like once or twice or let's just say five times a year or something, there would be some connection point where it's like, oh, I learned something, or as weird as it sounds, felt God's presence.

[07:25] Chelsea: Yeah.

[07:27] Chris: So with all that said, since I've moved to Jackson and it's been almost four years, I'm in another dry season and it's been like four years and it's interesting and difficult. And one of my prayers, I remember one time specifically so I do prayer walks. We kind of talked it before the podcast.

[07:52] Chelsea: Okay, this is about how you things that you do.

[07:53] Chris: I was going to ask you to.

[07:54] Chelsea: Talk about this because I distinctively think about that too.

[07:58] Chris: Yeah, I'm too antsy. If you want to call it prayer closet, I'm going to be like, dear Lord, I'm just going to fall asleep. It's not going to work. And another big part of it for me is when I'm done praying, I still have to finish my walk, which means I have to actively listen. And so there may be an additional so prayer walks are usually like 30 ish minutes and I'm usually done praying in 15. I don't know how these men of old and women of old did three hour prayer sessions. I don't know how that happens. Anyways, so I finish and it kind of just leads to me being able to be quiet and try and listen. But anyways, I was on a prayer walk and I was just frustrated with God specifically in regards to just being dry. And it kind of came down to a very similar situation when Jesus tells his disciples and apostles, if you don't drink my blood and eat my flesh, you can't be my disciple, essentially. And people are like, Wait, what? And they just leave God, right, sorry. Leave Jesus. And then he says to his disciples, he says, well, what about you all? What about you guys? And Peter says, well, where else are we going to go? Yeah, you have the words of life. And so that's kind of what happened to me in that circumstance on that prayer walk. And I was just like, where else am I going to go? What is my response to this? Yes, I'm frustrated. What am I going to do from here? And my answer to that was, nothing. Nothing is going to change. I'm still going to pursue God. I'm still going to go after God. And I feel like that was helpful in terms of my frustration level, just to say, like, hey, this may be where I am, but nothing's going to change. I'm still going to go on my prayer walks, I'm still going to memorize scripture or whatever those specific ways are that are indicative or ways that you can connect with God. I'm still going to do those. Yeah, I guess what's been interesting, though, and I guess we'll get more into this on question, too. It's been interesting because of the last couple of weeks, I have connected with God in a couple of different moments. And so when you say, what stirs your love for God? It was interesting. The most unexpected answer is generosity. Because if you know anything about nonprofit work, you're not making a lot of money. And if you heard my story of the last eight years of just kind of being almost a, nomad, I'm not making a lot of money either, and I was working at the airport as a ramp agent for two and a half years. You're not bringing in the dough there. And so when I got this new job that I'm currently doing, I've always been giving the tithe, right? That's been something that's always happened. And then I challenged myself and I just realized, you know what, I don't have a lot of money, but I need to make a goal. And that goal was I want to give $100 extra away a month in addition to the tide. And again, that's when I wasn't making a lot of money, but that's what I started doing and it's been amazing. And then when I started this new job, I started making extra money, and I have extra money, and that number has increased because I'm like, well, who cares? Whatever, just give it away. And it's been a connection point. So much so that one morning I was praying, part of my job is to clean houses, and so I was cleaning one of the townhouses and was like, okay, something's going on. Like I'm connecting with the Lord. And he brought someone to mind. And that person the night before was praying that someone that they would be financially blessed because it's been really hard for them. A lot has been going on. Her husband's been in the hospital, and they have high medical bills and whatever else. And so I texted her during that time period that I was connecting with the Lord. Like, I guess the Lord brought her to mind, and in the end was able to be generous to her wow. And found out that story about them praying the night before. And I'm like, what the heck just happened? What just happened? And the crazy thing is, I'm a cheapo. Like, a total cheapo man. And it's just funny that of all the things that I would say, what stirs my love for God generosity? I would never say that, but that's been the last six months. It's been this weird thing of generosity because I genuinely just don't care about money, right? And it's been this cool thing that I've connected with the Lord over it as much as I talked about that dry season specifically, that was something that the Lord's been connecting with me over. So that's been cool. That's been one, and then the second has been being in a small town. Our population is 10,000 people. And so the amount of people that you can even disciple, like, Christians that are here to disciple a small and so a way that's, like, stirred my love for God is some of those guys that I've been discipling, their love being stirred for God. And I'm like, what the heck just happened? They're progressing beyond me. One of the guys was like, yes, I'm fasting today. And I'm like, Wait, what? What are you talking about? I'm not fasting. I haven't fasted in years. And it was just cool to see, like, hey, here is this guy that I saw wasn't really following the Lord closely, was a Christian, and I took it as a personal initiative to seek him out. And then here he is, several years later, talking about the Lord in a way that I'm like, Whoa, what is happening? He got hurt physically. Like, something happened to him physically. And the way that he talked about it was, you know what, Chris? This time has actually been really good for me. And I'm like, Wait, what? You tore a pendant. What are you talking about? And it was just that really stirred me and stirred my love up for God to say, like, hey, even in the midst of dry season, there are people that are connecting with God. And what's the verse be? Steadfast and movable always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain. Right? So the simple version of that would be knowing that the toil that I've put in to try to find people to disciple is not in vain, and these guys and gals and whatever else are maturing and growing. And so those have been two things specifically that have really stirred in me over the last probably six months or so, generosity. And then people that I'm discipling, mentoring, whatever you want to call, are actually growing in their faith.

[15:06] Chelsea: That is so cool. Okay, one question I do have, I'm encouraged by that. And I'm not even in a dry I'm in a stretching season. I'm in a dry season, necessarily, but I think it's getting incredibly encouraging for people. But one curiosity question I do have is like, yeah, so nine years and then four years.

[15:29] Chris: Seven and four. Seven and four.

[15:31] Chelsea: Seven and four. Okay, eleven years. Try where you are now. Would you look back and say, yeah, I would go through all that again to get to where I am?

[15:43] Chris: Man, you know, the honest answer is no. Yeah, I guess because some other more painful experiences you can see, like, hey, I'm learning and growing through this. The dry seasons are just tough for me. I still haven't figured out what's the point? What is the point? Everyone has their answer.

[16:12] Chelsea: That of course. But I think a lot of times we get caught up and we love God for what he does for us.

[16:22] Chris: Yeah.

[16:23] Chelsea: And even for me, it's like how he makes me feel. I love God, and I'm committed to God because I have these warm, fuzzy, peaceful feelings.

[16:30] Chris: Right.

[16:31] Chelsea: Or he meets me where I am like, do I love God for God? Do I love God? Because he's worthy. Which is what you were talking about. You quoted Jesus's disciples or Peter being like, where else would we go?

[16:42] Chris: Yeah, where else are we going to go?

[16:43] Chelsea: And no matter whatever state that I find myself in, will I stay with Him because he's God?

[16:51] Chris: Right.

[16:52] Chelsea: And I think that the endurance that you in the last years that you've gone through, so that deep. It's a good word. I'm not with Him because I feel with this given me things. I'm here because he's God. And what's true about Scripture is true about me, whether I feel it or not. Anyway, it's a really hard in the rub in the grit of life, it is a hard thing because you're like, yeah, but you do promise these other things. You do say these other things. Why am I not experiencing that? And I'm like but still. And if not, you are still this person, and I'm still committed. I'm still here.

[17:35] Chris: Yeah. There's something I just thought of in regards to what the Lord has done, giving me dry seasons. What's interesting in the midst of that is how he gives me these dry seasons. But then he blesses me so much either. I guess finances hasn't been like a huge one over the years, but, like, giving me what I need, right. Everything that I need, specifically in fiveslam. It's like I'm kind of dying on the inside. But this ministry is so successful. You're doing things, you're working. I don't feel like you're working inside of me, but like, wow, so that's what I've consistently seen is just, like, a blessing upon my life, but my relationship with Him just being dry. It's weird.

[18:27] Chelsea: Yeah.

[18:29] Chris: What could happen is tomorrow it could just be me connecting with the Lord like, crazy for ten years. And then it's just things are different, because when I was in Atlanta and I didn't like real estate, those three years were sweet with the Lord. I remember I would wake up in the morning, and I would be, like, journaling, and the Lord would reveal things to me. And I remember one specific session where he was taking me through, like, a counseling session. I'm like, oh, I'm mad. Well, what am I mad at? Oh, I'm mad at this. Oh, I'm mad at this. Oh, because of this. All that to say after that seven years, or even in New Zealand, it's like a connection. But anyways, I wanted to add that that it's not like life sucks because I'm not connecting with God. Yes. I don't like that part, but he's, like, provided for me all along the way, which is interesting.

[19:18] Chelsea: That was good. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share that, because it's not an easy thing to share. Okay, my next question is, is there anything that can go into it?

[19:34] Chris: Yeah, lack of connection. It's just been I think the most concerning thing for me has been how I don't want to talk about Him, about God, because I don't feel like I have any connection with Him. When I don't have a passion for something, it's hard for me to speak genuinely and authentically about it unless there's some I don't want to use the word emotion. It's passion, like, unless there's some passion towards it. And when you consistently don't have a connection, you don't have the passion. And so it's like in a town where people aren't believers, majority are not believers, people need to be hearing the gospel. And I think the most frustrating thing for me has been my lack of desire to tell people about Jesus. And it's hard for me to even say that out loud, but that's just the reality of what it is, where it's man, God, I need you to come through so that I want to be excited about you, who you are, and what You've done for me. And I'm just not and so I think that's been, for sure, stifling, is that lack of connection has been specifically in regards to I wouldn't even say, like, evangelism per se, but maybe just even talking about them. I think one of the things that makes me come alive, I've realized over the years, more than anything else, is what I would call Jesus conversations, which is essentially what we're doing now. Let's just talk about God, what he's doing in our life, and what he oh, man. When I just get into those conversations, they stir my heart for God. Like, the first question, but man, if.

[21:17] Chelsea: You don't want to have them, then.

[21:18] Chris: Yeah, if you don't really want to have them, or like, you're the most mature in the room because there aren't a lot of Christians here, and there's a lot of young Christians here, then man, that makes it even more difficult, too. Like, who's helping you stir up your love for God? Your husband actually had great advice on that or had a great word.

[21:38] Chelsea: He often does.

[21:39] Chris: Let's just say one of the most wise people I know.

[21:42] Chelsea: Same.

[21:44] Chris: Yeah. And he just said, like, hey, Chris, think about it. Like, you're kind of a missionary. Missionaries kind of have that same issue. I was like, interesting. Yeah, it is kind of like being a missionary in Jackson. So that's what currently I have some other ones in the past, but that's what I think currently has been that.

[22:10] Chelsea: Five years ago, I would have been so tempted to just jump in and try and like, well, this is true, and this is true, and this is true. And now, you know what? I could just sit with that. You might feel like, I want it to be fixed, but I don't need to fix that. You know what I mean? Yeah. But I think if we don't talk about that kind of thing, then people feel like they're alone, and it feels way worse. It feels way harder to admit that and say, I know this is true, but I don't have a lot of that, and it's not really helping me, and I'm in this reality.

[22:51] Chris: Yeah. I think along with specifically dry seasons, there's a term, I'm sure you've heard it before. They call it the dark night of the soul.

[23:02] Chelsea: Oh, yeah.

[23:03] Chris: I don't know. I guess in the Christian faith, there are things that aren't specifically talked about, topics that I think are avoided. I'll give you one. There's a verse, I can't remember where it is, and it's talking about Hezekiah. The verse says, and the Lord left him hezekiah to himself so that he may test what was in his heart. Tell me who quotes that verse. No one. It's like, he left him to himself to test what was in his heart. What are you talking about? Right. And I think even again, related to that is just the fact of what is a dark night of the soul. What are you talking about? And there's actually some really, like I've struggled finding information on it, but if you go on John Mark Comer's podcast, he actually has a couple of sermons on Dark Night of the Soul, and I felt like it was really helpful. So if anybody's interested in that, I would go seek out some John Mark Comer dark Night of the Soul, specifically, and you can find more information on dryness and where you are and how you have no desire and no connection. He talks about it, so good resources on that.

[24:05] Chelsea: Okay. The truth that god is blank means a lot to you because bullying, yes.

[24:11] Chris: So we're going to keep the common theme here. I'll actually tell you my number two first. The truth that God is with me means a lot to me because sometimes it doesn't seem like he's there. I think that speaks for itself, the truth that, hey, God, you are here, even though I may not feel it. And I know you're listening to my prayers and like you're talking about in Revelation, they're like the sweet aroma, but I know he's with me and I may not feel it, but he's there. The other one would be the truth that God is going to sustain my faith means a lot to me because sometimes I wonder if I can actually sustain my own faith. So there's an amazing verse in one, thessalonians 523 that I love, and it says, now, may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds great, right? Most important verse here, 24, he who calls you is faithful, he will surely do it. What?

[25:22] Chelsea: Yeah.

[25:22] Chris: I think in my younger years, me being able to sustain my own faith seems like a possibility. Like, I love God, I have it. Well, maybe that's there we go. Learning more, I guess about it. As I'm talking about it. My passion will get me through, right? My love of God will get me through.

[25:38] Chelsea: Chris nice to the heart.

[25:40] Chris: Well, I guess I'm realizing it right now, like, wow. Maybe his goal is to get me beyond passion and love and move me into perseverance. Anyways, wow, just learning on the go here. But I just love that verse. He who calls you is faithful, he will surely do it. God's going to do it. God's going to sustain my faith. And like I said, in my younger years, it's like, oh, yeah, for sure, I got this. Not that it was that cocky because that sounds extremely cocky, but in later years when you just have these dry seasons or pain or whatever it is, it's like, man, Lord, I don't know if I can do this. And then you can hold on to that prayer to say, like, Lord, you're going to sustain my faith. You're faithful, you're the one who's going to do it. And then let's go back to another one of my favorite verses that was more relevant when I was just experiencing burnout and dry season even more than I am now. It was a darker dry season, I guess would be the first one. This one's much more maybe going through the second one, I'm much more what's the right word? There's frustrations in it, but I'm more okay with it. Weird to say corinthians nine eight says, and God is able to make all grace abound to you. Okay, let's go back. So verse seven says, each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And I remember reading that one time, and I stopped, and I'm like, how in the world could I become a cheerful giver? I don't know how to do that. And then verse eight explains it. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. Whoa. God gives me the grace to even survive. He gives me the grace to even have the passion to have the love, to have the connection with God. He gives it all right.

[27:30] Chelsea: He's the source. It first starts with him. It does not start with me.

[27:34] Chris: And I'm a human responsibility guy. When we talk about God's sovereignty versus human responsibility, I'm high on the human responsibility part. Right?

[27:42] Chelsea: Yeah.

[27:42] Chris: But when you don't have the energy or the effort because you're burned out, you don't have the energy or the effort to follow God. And when he says, he's the one that gives you the grace, you're like, yeah, I understand that. He's the one that gives me the grace. But then when you're in a good season, it's very easy to move towards, like, oh, I'm the one that produces that desire. I'm the one that produces this. I'm the one that and it's like, no, God gave you that grace. God gave you that oh, great verse that I love. In the same manner that you received Christ, so also walk in Him. How did we receive Christ grace?

[28:15] Chelsea: Through faith.

[28:15] Chris: How do we walk with Him? Grace through faith. Again, I'm high on human responsibility. Let's go after it. But we're going after it in the grace that God provides.

[28:27] Chelsea: Well, we could just wrap it up right there.

[28:29] Chris: That may be more than you wanted.

[28:30] Chelsea: But I just that was so spot on, so good. And I think I mean, you clarified a lot of stuff for me just then. Just blew open a bunch of stuff.

[28:44] Chris: There's a great book. I like to be a resource guy if I can. There's another great book. I think I've told you about it maybe before. Anyways. The author's name is Sky Jasani. Can we just say how cool his name is first?

[28:57] Chelsea: Yes, we can.

[28:59] Chris: Yes. And the book is called with.

[29:01] Chelsea: Oh, I read it.

[29:03] Chris: I loved it. I thought we've talked about this.

[29:06] Chelsea: Yeah.

[29:07] Chris: And another oh, another resource. This may be my favorite or second or third favorite book, and it's called Disappointment with God. Philip Yancey disappointment with God. And it does an amazing job of kind of addressing these different connection. When I'm talking about the word connection, I also mean, like, intimacy with God.

[29:27] Chelsea: Yeah.

[29:28] Chris: And it addresses a lot of that specifically. Yeah. There was a phrase the Lord said to me one time, and I was like, Whoa. And he. Said to me, you can't force your own sanctification.

[29:41] Chelsea: Right.

[29:43] Chris: I knew you would like it and not like it. So it's that piece for me where it's like if you read 40 books, that's not going to speed up your sanctification process. And that's not to say don't read 40 books or don't pursue God. But it was one of those pieces where I guess like you're saying I was trying to control God of sorts by my ability to pursue because others around me may not even be doing it. It's like I am going freaking hard after God and I will pursue the crap out of Him. Right. I am going after him. And even in that, there's wrong which is you can't control me. I don't have to connect with you. If you spent 7 hours a day with me or tried to, it's not up to you.

[30:38] Chelsea: Oh, my word. That is my life up until recently, that is.

[30:44] Chris: Yeah. And what it made me think about when you were talking, I just couldn't help but stop thinking about deep roots, like something that's deeper. Right. Building our faith. And it made me think about Psalm One. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit and season its leaf does not wither. And all that he does, he prospers. And just thinking about that tree and the roots that go deep and it just sounds like that's what the Lord is doing in us, building some deep roots. And it may not feel like it, but again, the relationship with God is much greater than feelings and our passion. Right. And that's seeming like one of the themes that we're coming to. Yes. And he's building some roots and he's just making us a tree that's deeply rooted.

[31:38] Chelsea: Yeah. Amen.

[31:40] Chris: Yeah.

[31:41] Chelsea: My last question is what is something you are looking forward to?

[31:46] Chris: I don't know if it was a spiritual question. I didn't have spiritual.

[31:49] Chelsea: Yeah, it could be shallow or deep.

[31:51] Chris: Whatever you I'm like summer. Summer was my answer. So in the wintertime, if anyone knows anything about Jackson, Wyoming, our winters are long. Guess what I did today? I skied. Today you can ski for a very long time and the snow is on the like I remember my first year being here and going through winter and then coming to spring and seeing grass and going, oh my gosh, this is amazing. There's grass. That's how long it had been since I seen grass. And it blew my mind. There's something about that that's really actually great about it, where it makes you appreciate the summer and spring so much more. And so it's like, what am I looking forward to? Green grass, the summer, playing pickleball outside, playing golf. Like the things that I can enjoy outside, I just get pumped about in the winter here you enjoy basically one activity. It's like skiing. Well, there's resort skiing, there's backcountry skiing, there's cross country skiing. It's like everything is skiing. And then when you get to summer, it moves to that little part that you asked at the beginning, which is like, who is Chris? It's like, if it's a game, I want to play it. Well, the great part about that is, in the summertime, that's what I can do. It's like, OOH, disc golf. OOH, golf. Oh, I can play pickleball. Oh, you know, it's like my little joy season comes in the summer. Not that I had a lot of winter, too, but anyways, that is for sure what I'm looking forward to. The grass is starting to show up. It's not green yet because the snow is still melting. But, yeah, I'm pumped about summer.

[33:31] Chelsea: Okay, well, first, I'm going to officially end our conversation and say thank you for taking the time.

[33:36] Chris: Yes, absolutely.

[33:37] Chelsea: Seriously is a gift to me, and I hope a gift to a lot of people.